The Carne Asada PuPu Platter


At El Topo Cantina we are pretty particular about cooking with the traditional Mexican recipes and with fresh ingredients on our menus. But every once and a while we fool around with blending different ethnic components into a dish and if it’s real good we share it with our [...]

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Hazy Morning “Hab-Rehab” Bloody Mary


Our buddy Gary is a Chicago native. Recently he made a trip back home to his old stompin’ grounds and took along a 12 pack of El Topo Habanero sauce to share with his buddies. Gary has been pretty impressed with the El Topo Habanero–Chipotle and considered it his [...]

Hazy Morning “Hab-Rehab” Bloody Mary2021-01-07T04:32:19+00:00

The Ultimate Cold Cure


Advisory: This method of dealing with a bad cold should only be undertaken by those individuals who have some tolerance built up to hot peppers. If you have never chewed on a piece of fresh Habanero, you had better stick to vitamin C and chicken noodle soup for [...]

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Habanero Pepper Facts


Habanero peppers are a chili pepper that are green and color as they mature, often to orange and red. Habaneros are rated from 100,000 to 350,000 Scoville units, whereas the Jalapeno pepper rates a maximum of 10,000 and the Naga (ghost) chili pepper rates well over 1 million Scoville [...]

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Habanero Popcorn? Really?


Yes, really. And we didn’t just hear about Habanero popcorn from one person. Is it because they wanted popcorn while sitting around watching TV and the bottle of Habanero was close by? Or is the popcorn just an excuse to partake in more Habanero sauce? I’d say that this [...]

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