Habanero Chipotle Hot Sauce

Of all the wonderful chili peppers that grow in the different reaches of this planet, the Habanero Pepper, a native of Central America, offers a smoky yet unique and savory flavor that we feel makes it the “King of Peppers”. Yet, the Habanero is known almost exclusively for its spiciness, or “heat”, and well-seasoned hot sauce lovers usually have some very hot Habanero sauce within arm’s reach.

Our Saucy Story

At El Topo, we first started using fresh Habanero peppers at our Taqueria decades ago when a customer wanted a “bump” to jazz up a fish taco or an Asada Burrito. When we decided to create a sauce from Habaneros, our mission was to coax the unique flavor from the pepper while keeping the “heat” to a tolerable level. A special cooking process using the freshest ingredients available, (including a couple of Chipotle peppers for some added smokiness) makes this hot sauce a keeper. You will find yourself using it with all kinds of meals… eggs, guacamole, soups, meat dishes, even Bloody Marys or the occasional Popcorn! Yes… popcorn.